TKT Modules Prices

All TKT Modules are 80 minute examinations (tests with 80 closed option responses). Grades and Certificates are sent from Cambridge with 3~5 weeks of the examination date. Examination fees must be paid before the application deadline. As a policy set by the examination board, all fees after the application deadline are non-refundable. 自動的にキャンセルとなります。証明書はテストから3~5週間ほどで届きます。

Examination fees are all-inclusive of

  • Candidate Registration
  • Delivery of Certificates
  • Invigilation fees
  • Room fees
  • Transfer fees
  • Online Revision Resources


  • 受験登録費
  • 証明書の郵送費
  • 試験監督費
  • 会場費
  • 振込手数料