TKT - Tokyo - Jun 14 2020

試験の詳細・Examination Details

試験日時・Examination Date: June 14, 2020

申込締切・Application Deadline: May 3, 2020

受験可能な試験・Exams Available

✔︎ TKT Module 1 (80 mins)

✔︎ TKT Module 2 (80 mins)

✔︎ TKT Module 3 (80 mins)

✔︎ TKT Young Learners (80 mins)

✔︎ TKT CLIL (80 mins)

✔︎ TKT モジュール1 (80分 80問)

✔︎ TKT モジュール1 2 (80分 80問)

✔︎ TKT モジュール1 3 (80分 80問)

✔︎ TKT Young Learners (80分 80問)

✔︎ TKT CLIL (80分 80問)

NOTE: On this examination date, there are a maximum of 3 TKT Modules that can be say by the candidate. You may choose up to 3 TKT Modules from the list above when making your application.

申込締切・Examination Application Deadlines

試験・Examination Type TKT Modules
試験日時・Examination Date June 14, 2020
申込締切・Deadline for Applications May 3, 2020 23:59
キャンセル通知日・Cancellation Notification Date* May 10, 2020

* お申込状況によって最少催行人数に達しなかった場合、会場が利用できない等、やむを得ず試験が中止になる場合は、受験料を全額返還いたします。試験のキャンセルはこの日に通知されます。・On rare occasions, venues become unavailable and/or there are too few candidates to run an examination. In the unlikely event that this exam needs to be cancelled, all candidates will be refunded in full and notified of the cancellation of the exam on this date.

試験時間・Examination Schedule on Day

10:30 Doors Open

10:55 (approx) Exam Session 1 (80mins) Begins

13:00 Doors Re-Open

13:30 (approx) Exam Session 2 (80mins) Begins

15:30 Doors Re-Open

16:00 (approx) Exam Session 3 (80mins) Begins


Forum 8 (Tokyo) (フォーラムエイト) (渋谷区道玄坂2-10-7・新大宗ビル)

[5map width="100%" zoom="15" height="350px" fullscreen="1" skin="gray2"]
[5pin icon="blue"]Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Dōgenzaka, 2 Chome−10−7 新大宗ビル1号館[/5pin]


【TEL】03-3780-0008 【FAX】03-3780-0098
まず、ハチ公口よりシブヤ109方向に進んでください。次に、シブヤ109を右手に渋東シネタワー(映画館)を左手に見ながら、道玄坂を4分ほど登りますと、左手に大型商業ビル(新大宗ビル)が見えてきます(道路を挟んで反対側にケンタッキーフライドチキンがございます。また当ビル1階は、Y’S ROADというスポーツサイクルショップになります)。同ビル8階にフォーラムエイトの受付がございますので、ビル入り口よりご入場ください。なお、ビル入り口付近には、フォーラムエイトの大型掲示板が出ておりますので、そちらでご来場先の会場をご確認いただけます。

Forum 8 Tokyo (Shibuya)

[Subway] Shibuya
[Address] 2 Chome-10-7 Dōgenzaka 2 Chome-10-7 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0043
[JR] Shibuya Station
[Hours] 9:00 to 21:00
[TEL] 03-3780-0008 【FAX】03-3780-0098
[web] http://www.forum-8.co.jp/

Examination Information for Candidates 注意・Important



  1. 2HB鉛筆
  2. 身分証明書(写真あり)(パスポート、運転免許書、外国人登録証)
  3. 鉛筆削り
  4. 消しゴム

On the Day of the Exam

Please be sure to reach the exam venue on time. For all examinations you must check in at least 20 minutes before the examination is due to start. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Please make sure you bring the following items with you

  1. Photo ID (Passport, Driving License or Torokusho (Gaijin Card))
  2. At least 2 HB pencils
  3. A pencil sharpener
  4. An soft eraser