Teaching Knowledge Test

TKT 英語教授知識認定テスト


    • TKT is a University of Cambridge Teaching Award taken by language teaching professionals in over 60 countries.
    • It is a series of tests on how much candidates know about the theory and practice of language teaching.
    • There are 3 “core” tests (Modules 1~3). All Modules are 80 Minutes, 80 Questions, multiple choice.
    • Certificates are graded but there is no pass/fail and arrive from Cambridge within 5 weeks of the test.
    • TKT is sat by individuals for the purposes of professional development and at the behest of employers for the purposes of appraisal.
    • 80分で80の質問に答えるTKT テストは、ALT(外国語補助教員)やESL/英会話講師、日本人英語教師の方々が、以下のことを実現するのに時間・費用面で効率的な手段です。
    • 60カ国以上の国で認められている正式なケンブリッジ大学試験部門の能力評価を受けることにより、雇用機会を拡大します。
    • 第二外国語としての英語の知識を見直すとともに新たな概念や用語を習得します。
    • 第二外国語としての英語の理論と実践両方の理解を深めます。
    • よりプロフェッショナルな授業を行ったり、ESLの同僚らとより良く仕事をしていくのに必要な専門用語を習得します。

    from ¥8400 per module・8,400円〜/各モジュール

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    Founded over 100 years ago, Cambridge English Language Assessment is the world leader in English language testing and English language teacher training. A department of the University of Cambridge, it provides courses and tests to over a million candidates a year in over 100 countries.


    The world’s most flexible teaching accreditation.

    • TKT is sat in over 60 countries around the world
    • TKT is sat by pre-service trainees and in-service professionals
    • TKT is sat by both native and non-native language teachers*
    • TKT is used by both individuals for the purposes of professional development and employers for the purposes of appraisal.
    • TKT is used by both public employers like boards of education and private ones such as language schools to help guage training needs and encourage professional development.

    * in Japan, a TOEIC score of at least 550 (CEFR B1 or above) is recommened before preparing for and taking this test.日本では、TOEIC 550点以上の方にお勧めします。


    Modular Makes Sense

    • Unlike CELTA or DELTA, TKT does not require enrollment in or delivery of a bricks-and-mortar course.
    • The modules can also be sat at the candidates own pace, allowing greater flexibility to both individuals and employers
    • 3 “core” modules cover everything from the 4 skills to lesson planning and assessment methods.
    • 2 specialist modules allow candidates to deepen their knowledge in two of the industries fastest growing sectors; Young Learners and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
    TKT : Module 1 TKT : Module 2 TKT : Module 3 TKT : YL TKT : CLIL
    Module Title (English) Language and background to language learning and teaching Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching Managing the teaching and learning process TKT: YL (Young Learners) TKT: CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
    module Title (Japanese) 言語、言語学習および言語教育 レッスンプランおよび言語教育における教材の使用法 教育および学習プロセスの管理 教える対象が年少者である場合 内容言語統合型学習
    Test Duration 80 mins (80分) 80 mins (80分) 80 mins (80分) 80 mins (80分) 80 mins (80分)
    Price of Exam ¥8900 ¥8900 ¥8900  ¥8900 ¥8900
    Certificate  ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
    Test Result Banded: 1~4 Banded: 1~4 Banded: 1~4  Banded: 1~4 Banded: 1~4
    Course Book・コース本情報 The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3, Second Edition, Mary Spratt, Alan Pulverness, Melanie Williams (Cambridge University Press) 256pp.
    ISBN 978-0-521-12565-9. ¥3382 *ISBNから検索可能です。

    TKT All Modules Brochure

    12 pages, English, 1.7mb